How to disguise yourself as Japanese Ninja whith Ninja Mask Tenugui

製品開発日誌   2015/04/15

■Ninja Mask Tenugui

You can disguise yourself as Japanese Ninja whith this Tenugui !
When you fold it, it becomes very compact enough to carry in your pocket.
You can become a ninja anytime, anywhere !
Of course, you can also use as a hand towel.

■Hand-Made In Kyoto Japan

This ninja tenugui is made in a dyeing factory which has a history more than 100 years in Kyoto.
Every one of them is hand-printed by skilled craftsmen with a Japanese traditional techniques and Methods called “Tenassen”.


Size : 43 X 13 in (110 X 33 cm) For Adult and Kids Unisex
Colore : Black
Material : Cotton 100%

Size : 4.7 X 4.7 in (12 X 12 cm)
Material : Paper

Don’t wash with the synthetic detergent and the bleach. Hand washing is the best.
Don’t ironing at the area around the eye holes.








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